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Below you will find a list of Newsletters we have converted to WWW.

We have removed the standard information found in each issue and included it in the section below called "General Information." Sections such as the "Coming Events" portion of each newsletter have also been removed, since this is typically dated material. Please check the Coming Events selection on our Home Page .


General Information

Editor Position available...

Copyright 1964-1998 (c) Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society. All Rights Reserved. Conditional, limited permission to reprint is granted to nonprofit organizations provided that credit is given to the SCVRS Voice of "76" and that a copy of the publication in which the reprinted material appears is mailed in a timely fashion to the Voice of "76" Editors. Otherwise, reproduction requires written permission from the publisher. SCVRS reserves the right to revoke the above conditional grant if it is decided that further use of the copyrighted material by the reprinting organization is not in the best interest if the Society.

The Voice of "76" is published monthly by the Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society, San Jose, California. Current policy is that each surname - address will receive one copy of the newsletter. If this results in too few or too many newsletters per address, let us know. Members who receive a damaged copy of their Voice of "76" should notify the Publishing staff. The Voice of "76" welcomes submissions on any subject of specific interest to SCVRS Members. We are always looking for articles to place in the newsletter.

Submissions are accepted in electronic form in several ways.

HTML or ASCII text files please.

Submissions can be delivered in the following ways:


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