Club Newsletter

    The Voice Of 76
And The Santa Clara Valley

Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society
P.O. Box 2085
Sunnyvale, CA., 94087-2085
PHONE- 408-247-2877

Meeting Place: San Jose Red Cross
Cross Streets: North First Street and Plumeria- In No. San Jose
When: Third Friday of Each Month
Time: 7:30pm

Dues-- Dues-- Dues are PAST due!

Well, it's past that time again. Every MARCH 1st is renewal time. We need your dues to keep WB6OQS system on the air. Unless we get more renewals, WB6OQS will cease to exist as of September 1998. The board of directors has chosen not to assess the current membership for increased dues. Remember, it's a hobby organization, NOT supported by any commercial entity so we need your support. WB6OQS is one of the last high level systems in the bay area. All of them are slowly disappearing. During any emergency, "long distance" communications will be lost.

Dues for renewals are $30.00/full, $24.00/reg-no patch, $18.00/sr&fam-with patch, $12.00/sr&fam-no patch. If you've renewed your membership, THANK YOU for your continuous support.

A Special Request

At our April board meeting, "we" were asked by members of the Communications group at the American Red Cross for assistance from the members of WB6OQS. Volunteer ham radio operators are needed to staff the Communications room at the American Red Cross building during emergency situations. This is the same building where SCVRS meets each month. Some of you might have seen the communications room during one of our meeting nights. Volunteers need not be members of SCVRS to participate in this function. Training will be provided to those who are interested. A second request is that they would like some volunteers from SCVRS to assist them in running the Foothill Flea Market next month, June 1998, the second Saturday of the month. They have five shifts and will need five people per shift. Each shift is two hours in length starting at 5:30am, 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am and 1:30pm. A percentage of the profits will be donated to SCVRS to show their appreciation for SCVRS volunteer support.

If you are interested in helping them with their efforts, you can contact Scott Hensley, KB6UOO, KB6UOO@USA.NET or 408-322-4377.

E-mail Addresses

If any paid or renewing member has an e-mail address and it's not posted on our web site, or posted incorrectly, please send me a note with the corrections so I can update my database.

73's For now

John, KA6LWC
Treasurer Extraordinarie


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