Next Meeting is Wednesday, Nov 14th, 2018! 

The Wednesday, Nov14th, joint meeting of the Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society and the San Jose IBM Amateur Radio Club will hold their meeting 7PM (Most get there 10 minutes early) at:

City Diner
2951 Monterey Road
San Jose, CA  95111

City Diner located on Monterey Highway, 0.4 miles south of Umbarger road and 0.9 miles north of Capitol Expressway.

We will also discuss the need for a trip to the hill to repair the repeater building.

Dues alert. If you missed paying, please mail them to the Club PO Box, or bring them to the meeting.

Also, remember that we still hold the Monday night net at 9:00 PM and Amateur Radio Newsline follows at 9:30 PM. If you find that you cannot get into the 146.76 2-meter input very well, try using a different PL of 141.3 Hz. This will open a different receiver located in the north-east Milpitas area which might hear your signal a bit better.

For the last several years we have been holding a joint dinner meeting with the IBM Amatur Radio Club members. We have enjoyed good fellowship.

We have some pictures from he Dec 2004 Meeting. Click here.

The repeater has moved from the south edge of the Loma peak to a nearby site several years ago. We have pictures... Click here. Repeater coverage has changed a little.

A crew went up on the hill the end of Nov 2012 and brought the system back online. More work is needed.

The Electronics Flea Market (Formally Foothill Electronics Flea Market) is alive and well at DeAnza in Coupertino. In 2017 will be held the second saturday March thru October in Parking Lot B ($3). If interested more details are at this URL

Please send all correspondence to...

Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society
P.O. Box 20541
San Jose, CA 95160-0541

Dues are due, Please mail to PO Box (above) or come to the meeting

Anybody know a cheap way to get a reasonable internet connection up to the hill? There is some intrest in VOIP (Voice over IP) to link to an out of the area repeater. We have a ham ISP with very fast access if needed, we just need to get a fast connection to the top of the hill.

The club has a list server for club members. All club members have received an invitation to join, 15 signed up the first day. A few more wondered what it was... which is OK. Announcementa, and other interesting acctivity occur thru this path. If you have a problem, or want to join, see Owen.

Where and When: Te club meets at dinner meetings noted above... Come hungry!


We are still struggling with the rent!  

WB6OQS is among the last of the open high level repeaters in the bay area. It's loss will severly cripple ham radio effectiveness to cover more wide spread events such as earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and other public service (which we have covered plenty of in the past). It s more than just a hobby, it is a valuable community resource!


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