Club Newsletter

The Voice Of 76
And The Santa Clara Valley Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society

P.O. Box 2085

Sunnyvale, CA., 94087-2085

PHONE- 408-247-2877

Meeting Place: San Jose Red Cross Cross
   Streets: North First Street and Plumeria- In No. San Jose
   When: Third Friday of Each Month
   Time: 7:30pm


TIME IS RUNNING OUT! BE THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER. Have you decided which office you want to fill for 1997?

 June is our month for elections of officers and we need your support.

 There are other support positions that should be filled. Remember, this is a volunteer organization and we need your help to keep us going forward.   We are also in need of someone to put together, a newsletter. As you know, the news letter keeps members informed of speakers, activities, the condition of the repeater systems and planned enhancements.

As I said before, you don't need a "publishing" program, a simple word processor will do fine. That's what I'm using here. Information should be to the editor as at least three weeks before the meeting night so that the newsletter can be composed, printed, "processed" and will arrive at your home, hopefully before our meeting. Text should be in e-mail form and drawings can be sent separately, unless prior FAX arrangements have been made. Just a reminder, start writing those articles, hints and Q&A's so that when the new editor takes over, he/she will have something to publish.

If your submission is of "copy quality", the editor can just make a copy of your page and it will be an "add-in" to the newsletter. Your submissions should have your name and call sign attached so you can do a little "bragging" after it's published. If someone asks if you have had anything published, you can honestly answer "yes" as it will have been published in our newsletter.  

As for speakers, we've not had any recently because nobody has volunteered nor has anyone been able to get them for our club. If you know of any speakers that you've heard at other club meetings, let the officers know and they might be able to contact them and have them speak at our meeting.  Getting speakers is one of those support positions that is needed, however all members can make suggestions.  

In the last newsletter, a questionaire was included. Sorry to say, I only received five responses. It's your input and assistance that will make the club grow.   Regular users of the 2M, 220 and 440 systems should be encouraged to join and support the Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society, it's officers and those who maintain the radio systems on Mt.Loma Prieta. If you hear someone on the repeaters that might not be a member, ask them if they would like to join. They might get more out of the group than they realize.

 Those of you who have paid your dues for 97 are receiving the "part 2 of 2" of the History of WB6OQS. I included the info to show the new users how WB6OQScame into existence.  


I've included a copy of the "standard" Molex connector used by the local emergency services for DC applications. If your connector is different, you might want to change or make an adapter so that IF there is an emergency and your radio is needed, there won't be any confusion as to polarity.



For those of you who might be moving, or have moved, and want to update the FCC database(it's required) or in need of new FCC forms, here's the FCC Internet address: HTTP:// or . If you have "fax back" service, try (202)-418-0177 to get faxed forms.

Forms i/d are: Form 610: 000610, Form 610A: 006101; Form 610B: 006102; and Form 610V: 006108.


If you want to visit the Newsline Internet site, try HTTP:// .


  Ever wonder what makes a boomerang work, check out this site: HTTP:// .


Now that there many newly licensed hams on the 2M VHF and UHF bands, it might be time for a new class of repeater system, one called "con"T"rolled" or "T" class systems. These new "T" class systems would be owned, operated, maintained by clubs or individuals and require monetary support. Occasional and traveling users would always be free to use the systems. What's so different from what we now have? Currently we have a class of system called "open" listed in the ARRL Repeater Directory. Most repeaters are designated as "open" and the connotation is that the repeater system is FREE, free to use for how long, whenever or however as long you wish and requires NO monetary support, as long it's used within the guidelines of the FCC, regardless of the sponsors requirements. As "we" all know, repeaters cost money and time to maintain and upgrade.

When the ARRL Repeater directory is published, immediately one would understand that the repeater is not "free". Regular users should join the club or organization that owns and maintains these systems. Those systems that are truly "open" and free from any commitments by users, could still be listed as "open" in the directory. I feel that this new designation would further define the repeater status and indicate to the newly licensed hams, or hams moving into the area, that there is "no free lunch"- morally. If you feel that this is the time to add a new class of repeater, write to the ARRL, suggesting this new "T" class of system be listed in the ARRL Repeater Directory so all hams will know that your system is not an open and free machine.  

Cheers and 73 John, KA6LWC(408)-258-5746 San Jose, CA. BOLESJG@SVPAL.ORG    

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