Santa Clara Valley

Repeater Society


June 1987

Incorporated 1965

Table of Contents

Article I Name of the Society

Article II Purpose
Article III Compliance With Law
Article IV Membership Article V Board of Directors Article VI Officers Article VII Trustee of License(s) Article VIII Committees Article IX Election of Officers and Directors Article X Voting - General Article XI Meeting of Members Article XII Finances Article XIII Insurance Article XIV Amendment of Bylaws Article XV Dissolution Article XVI Compensation Article XVII Offices Article XVIII Rules of Order


Article I.  Name of the Society

Article II.    Purpose

Article III.  Compliance With Law
Article IV.    Membership
Article V.    Board of Directors
Article VI.    Officers

Article VII.   Trustee of License(s)

Article VIII.    Committees

Article IX.    Election of Officers and Directors

Article X. Voting - General

Article XI.    Meeting of Members

Section 1.    General Meetings.
   General meetings of the Society shall be held the third Friday evening of each month, time and place as selected by the President. These meetings shall be held within the County of Santa Clara, State of California.

Article XII.   Finances

Article XIII.    Insurance

Article XIV.    Amendment of Bylaws

 Article XV.    Dissolution

Article XVI.    Compensation

Article XVII.    Offices

Article XVIII.    Rules of Order

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