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Local Memorandum of Understanding

between the

Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society


The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American National Red Cross


The Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American National Red 

Cross (SCVC) and Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society (SCVRS) 

have agreed to enter into these local agreements which have 

formed the basis of this memorandum.

I.      Purpose

This agreement between SCVC and SCVRS establishes a framework 

of cooperation and a close working relationship with the radio 

amateurs of SCVRS and the volunteers and staff members of SCVC.   

Through joint cooperation of the local resources available to 

both signers, the public will be best served under disaster, 

emergency, or public service related situations.   This document 

is not meant to be legally binding; it is a statement of cooperation 

between these two parties.

II.     Organization

The American Radio Relay League, Inc., comprising more than 

134,000 radio amateurs in the U.S., sponsors the ARRL Field 

Organization.   More than 25,000 amateurs are registered as 

members of a national field organization that is divided into 

73 geographical sections.

The Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society is comprised of 

approximately 70 members in good standing with the ARRL.   

These members are also registered Disaster Service Workers 

with Santa Clara County.

The Communications Team of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of 

the American Red Cross operates under the jurisdiction of the 

Resources Coordinator in Disaster Services.   The Resources 

Coordinator reports to the Director of Disaster Services, 

who reports to the Chapter Manager.   The chapter is ultimately 

responsible the American National Red Cross, based in Arlington, VA.

III.    Recognition

SCVC recognizes that SCVRS is an ARRL sponsored organization, dedicated to promoting Amateur Radio in Santa Clara County and 

to maintaining the WB6OQS repeater.

SCVRS recognizes that SCVC acts under congressional mandate, 

through the American National Red Cross, to be the load provider 

of Disaster Relief to the residents of Santa Clara County.   

Further, SCVRS recognizes that the SCVC Communciations Team 

is tasked with providing communications support to local 

disaster relief operations.

IV.     Principals of Cooperation

So that communications resources of SCVRS may be coordinated and 

utilized to the fullest advantage during disasters, emergencies, 

and public service related situations, and to the extent permitted 

or required by law and regulation, the Santa Clara Valley Repeater 

Society and the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American National 

Red Cross have agreed that each organization will:

1.      Encourage on-going liaison with the other, urging members 

of both organizations to develop increasingly effective communication 

and cooperation.

2.      Work with each other for developing emergency plans, 

training exercises, and a heightened state of preparedness.

3.      Work with each other in times of disaster or emergency to 

meet the needs of the public.

4.      Each party will, at the same time, work within its own lines 

of authority and respect the lines of authority of the other.

5.      Distribute copies of and publicize this agreement through 

channels to its own members, and to other organizations, both public 

and private, which may have an active interest in disaster relief.

6.      Establish a mutually acceptable means of identification for 

volunteers under this agreement which is honored by local law enforcement 

agencies during disasters and emergencies.

7.      Understand that either signee to this document may have similar 

local agreements with other disaster assistance related 


Finally, on a routine daily basis, SCVC will have primary access to the WB6OQS repeater in times of emergency.   SCVC understands that it may 

have to share the repeater with other agencies in extreme emergencies.   

Currently, the plan has the WB6OQS repeater acting as the alternate 

EOC – to  – EOC command frequency.

Under future revisions of the plan, the other assignment of WB6OQS may change.

V.      Implementation

This memorandum shall take effect upon its signing by authorized 

representatives of the Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society and 

representatives of the Santa Clara Valley Chapter of the American 

National Red Cross.

This memorandum may be amended by mutual agreement of both parties and will 

remain in effect until terminated.   SCVRS and SCVC will periodically review 

this agreement and coordinate such revisions as may be necessary.   Upon 90 

days written notice, this memorandum may be terminated by either party.

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President, Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society          Date

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