WB6OQS Repeater Information

The Santa Clara Valley Repeater Society operates three repeaters on top of Mt. Loma Prietta. The locationis 3800' above mean sea level, roughly 20 miles South South West of downtown San Jose. The antennas areapproximately 200' up the tower for a total antenna height of about 4000'.

Problems with the repeaters should be reported to the control operators via the 24hr. recording at 408-24-SCVRS (408-247-2877).

The repeaters are open, operational 24 hours a day and configured as follows:






2 M

146.76 Mhz

-0.6 Mhz

151.4 Hz

Normally linked to 1.25m

1.25 M

224.26 Mhz

-1.6 Mhz

123.0 Hz

Normally linked to 2m

70 cm

444.60 Mhz

+5.0 Mhz

141.3 Hz

Can be linked to the above as needed

Note: All systems transmit PL.

All repeaters have autopatch with user and emergency autodial capabilities.  Autopatch access is limitedto club members who have signed up for autopatch access and have paid the appropriate fee.

For information on joining the club or gaining autopatch access, please contact the club at scvrs@scvrs.org or the 24hr. recording: 408-24-SCVRS.

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